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Name: Chris Vesche
Birthday: August 9, 1969
Day Job: Accountant
Family: Wife, Kristine (and dog Myron)
Instrument: Accordion, Lead Vocals
Favorite Entertainer/Musician: Elvis Presley, Heino, Myron Floren
Hobbies/Interests: Live Theater, Traveling, Kristine
Drink of Choice: Vodka & Water
Year Started with Band: 1987; Original member along with brother Mike Vesche


Chris started playing accordion at the age of 6. Thanks to the efforts and patience of his parents, Chris mastered the accordion and had dreams of having his own band.

With the demise of his brother Mikeís accordion lessons (it was a very short-lived adventure), Chris convinced his parents to allow Mike to take drum lessons, knowing that an accordion player is always in need of a good drummer. Fortunately, Mike was a natural percussionist, and has developed into one of the most versatile, not to mention one of the best, drummers in the business.

With the help of his friends Scott and Doug, Chris has realized that dream of having his own band. It has been, and always will be, one of his strongholds in life. He has given much to his music, and in return, his music has given everything back to him tenfold.

He hopes that his melodies have brought others as much enjoyment as he has received in playing them, and looks forward to many more years of music, fun and entertainment!

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Name: Michael Vesche
Birthday: October 16, 1973
Day Job: Injection Mold Designer/Manager
Family: Wife Sandy, Son Stephen, Daughter Rebekah
Instrument: Drums, Percussion
Favorite Entertainer/Musician: Ronnie Tutt (Elvisí drummer)
Hobbies/Interests: Woodworking, Camping
Drink of Choice: Franziskaner Weiss Beer / Brandy (Korbel) Old Fashion Water
Year Started with Band: 1987; Original member along with brother Chris Vesche


Mike was born October 16, 1973 at Elmbrook Memorial and was raised in Hubertus Wisconsin. He had originally started out playing accordion but didnít seem to have the patience to keep up with the lessons and practicing. Within about a year after throwing in the towel, his brother Chris suggested to him to learn the drums. The drums seemed to come somewhat natural to him and he has loved it ever since.

Mike also went to school to enter the world of tool and die. He currently works as a mold designer at a well-established company in Menomonee Falls. He is also happily married to his wife Sandra and was blessed by the birth of their son Stephen in 2003 and their daughter Rebekah in 2008.  They currently reside in Menomonee Falls still staying close to both family and friends.

When time allows he and Sandy love to go camping. They were both raised with camping by their folks and still enjoy touring around parts of Wisconsin to this day. If there isnít the time to go camping Mike likes to dabble around a bit with some of his wood working skills.

The thing that Mike likes best about the band is being around enjoyable company while giving the audience a show that they will remember. Itís the close bond and willingness to rehearse and perform that keeps The Music Venders sounding and staying together. Mike says, "We arenít just a band we are family!"

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Coming Soon!

Name: Stephen Vesche
Birthday: October 13th, 2003
Day Job: High School
Family: Dad (Mike Vesche), Mom (Sandra Vesche), Sister (Rebekah)
Instrument: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Favorite Entertainer/Musician:  Elvis, Chet Atkins
Hobbies/Interests: Football, Basketball, Camping, Star Wars fanatic!
Drink of Choice: Root Beer
Year Started with Band: 2016


Stephen was born at Community Memorial Hospital in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin and currently resides in the Falls with his parents Mike and Sandra, and his sister Rebekah.  He started learning guitar at the age of seven because he was always into music and instruments since he was being raised in a musical family.  It was a struggle for him at first with learning the guitar, but his parents encouraged him to stick with it and over the years has grown to love making music.  The years of hard work has proven profitable with his knowledge and skill which is now showcased in the band that his father and Onkel (uncle) founded.

Stephen enjoys camping with his family, hanging out with his friends, and of course guitar.  Guitar is not a job to him, it has become easy for him to pick it up and teach himself a new song.  During the spring, summer, and fall, he and his family travel up north to go camping with his father and mother who are both avid campers. He loves the sense of being outdoors and hanging out with friends doing whatever he wants while being away from home.

The part of the band that Stephen loves and enjoys the most is having the band being an actual family band. As Stephen says, "A family that sticks together, wins together!  It's just great to have a family that's so close together that we are able to perform all over and give people a great show."

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